8 Tips For New Romance Writers

8 Tips For New Romance Writers

We share tips for new romance writers. This advice on writing romantic fiction will be helpful if you are new to the genre – or if you have some experience.

Who doesn’t love a good love story? A steamy romance? An escapist rollercoaster of emotion?

Romance novels are popular sellers among a diverse and massive audience – from die-hard fans to a reader looking for a summer or weekend read. However, most readers are women.

According to the Romance Writers of America, romantic fiction is a billion-dollar-a-year industry.

8 Tips For New Romance Writers

① Read Romance

If you’re going to write romance, then it goes without saying that you must love the genre. Read and read and read as many books as possible – from Jane Austen to Mills & Boon, EL James to erotic poetry. If you’re just testing the waters of the genre, try free reads or second hand book stores.

And, even if you don’t love the genre, you must absolutely respect it. Romance readers can sniff out a ‘fake’ writer. Read the classics, like Nicholas SparksThe Notebook, Terry McMillan’s How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Andre Aciman‘s Call Me by Your Name, etc.

② Sensual Tension Is Everything

A good plot aside, you must focus on the emotional and sensual tension of the relationship between the two main characters. The story must give readers intense and deep emotion rather than a busy storyline.

③ 3-D Characters

And your main characters must be well-developed, with strengths, secrets, and vulnerabilities – perfect people are boring or bland, so you must have an interesting and believable backstory for the main stars of the story.

④ Love And War

You need conflict in a romance novel, just like any other novel. Throw obstacles in the characters’ paths, whether these are inner demons or external forces. Read agony aunt columns or blogs to see what kind of tensions people in a relationship experience or struggle with.

⑤ Escapist Rush

There must be an element of the fairy tale or escapism in the narrative – readers want to live vicariously and experience the sensations of falling in love. Browse magazines like ‘Hello’ or follow luxury lifestyle blogs or Instagram stars for inspiration on glamour, fashion and travel.

⑥ With A Twist

It’s important to understand the type of romance you will write (you must understand genre and subgenre), and then find unique way to make a classic plot or popular trope come to life on the page.

A trope is a recurring or familiar theme in romance novel, for example forced proximity (two people snowed in at a cosy cabin over Christmas, secretary-and-boss scenarios etc.).

⑦ Authentic Authors

If you want to write something that resonates with a reader, you must write what you can identify with, or even what entertains you as a reader (perhaps it’s a gay/lesbian story, paranormal romances, etc.).

Keep in mind, you can bring some of your other favourite genres to romance (e.g., if you like thrillers you can write a romantic suspense).

⑧ Steamy Pens

Don’t be afraid of writing the sex scenes. While some stories are ‘sweet’ and don’t go beyond kissing, you may want to show the deepening intimacy and growing relationship through sex.

If you’re thinking of writing a romance, I hope these tips for new romance writers resonate with you.

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Anthony Ehlers by Anthony Ehlers

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