31 Writing Prompts For March 2018

Writing prompts are a perfect way to help you to establish a writing routine.

Remember that a prompt can be anything from a word, a line from a song, a name, a photograph, to the title of a film. Prompts are literally anything that will give you a starting point to get you writing.

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We hope our 31 prompts for March inspire you.

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 by Mia Botha

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  1. nicholas

    Thank you… I found the last one a tad eerie, 31 March ;;; “leaving soon” … Our 45th wedding anniversary…

    I feel a story inside there already… without waiting.

  2. Lindy

    Wow, Mia! These prompts are amazing and I can’t wait to make this a daily habit. Thanks for sharing. L

  3. Kate

    I am interested in being in your email distribution.

  4. Writers Write

    Hello Kate
    Please join here: https://writerswrite.co.za/join-our-newsletter/

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