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Writers Write is a comprehensive writing resource for creative writers, business writers, and bloggers.

We have more than 1 400 articles filled with writing tips on creative writing, business writing, and blogging for you. We have a social media following of more than one million people.

Our motto at Writers Write is ‘Write to communicate’. We believe in the power of words.

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  1. We teach you how to write. We offer practical, inspiring courses in blogging, business writing, and creative writing.
  2. We offer advice. Writers Write is a one-stop writing resource for creative writers, bloggers, and business writers.
  3. We inspire you. Enjoy our writing promptsquotes on writing, comicsliterary birthdays, and words.

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Writers Write – Creative

  1. With more than 120 Writers Write graduates from our creative writing course published, we believe we have the perfect course for aspiring novelists, memoirists, ghost-writers, and writers of non-fiction.
  2. We have a selection of creative writing workbooks for you to purchase.
  3. A full list of our creative writing courses is available here: Writers Write Courses

Writers Write – Blogging and Social Media

  1. Writers Write has a social media following of more than one million. Join us on social media
  2. If you want to learn how to blog, join us for The Complete Blogging Course.

Writers Write – Business

  1. We teach people how to communicate in the business world. Our business courses comply with the Consumer Protection Act and we have trained many organisations including the Department of Science and Technology, the PSA, Tiger Brands, Discovery Health, PPS, Bombela, CHIETA, Ogilvy, Metropolitan, Momentum, CSIR, and Standard Bank.
  2. We have a selection of business writing workbooks for you to purchase.
  3. Find out about The Plain Language Programme – How to write for business. Use our course to create writing opportunities for yourself.

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We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Our regular contributors and facilitators include:

  1. Christopher Luke Dean
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  4. Anthony Ehlers
  5. Amanda Patterson

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