Types Of Conflict In Scenes

When we read this post on conflict in scenes by K.M.Weiland, we thought we would share parts of it with you.

Types of Conflict in Scenes

  1. Direct opposition (another character, weather, etc., which interferes and prevents the protagonist from achieving his goal).
  2. Inner opposition (the character learns something that changes his mind about his goal).
  3. Circumstantial difficulties (no flour to bake a cake, no partners to dance with, etc.).
  4. Active conflict (argument, fight, etc.).
  5. Passive conflict (being ignored, being kept in the dark, being avoided, etc.).

These include:

  1. Physical altercation.
  2. Verbal altercation.
  3. Physical obstacle (weather, roadblock, personal injury, etc.).
  4. Mental obstacle (fear, amnesia, etc.).
  5. Physical lack (no flour to bake a cake).
  6. Mental lack (no information).
  7. Passive aggression (intentional or unintentional).
  8. Indirect interference (long-distance or unintentional opposition by another character).

Excerpts from Options for Conflict in Scenes by K.M. Weiland.

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Posted on: 26th April 2013