The Top 10 Writing Posts for April 2014

  1. Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language – Translate emotions into written body language
  2. The Locked Room – A simple way to test your plot
  3. The Day Jobs of 12 Famous Poets – A comic
  4. The Author’s Promise – two things every writer should do
  5. The Top 21 Literary Quotes about Fools – April Fool’s Day
  6. Eight Personality Disorders – Illustrated
  7. What your writing equipment says about you – Pen or Pencil?
  8. Shades of Emotion – Creating Characters
  9. It’s all in the timing – What watching Disney (and Pixar) taught me about writing suspense
  10. Writing Sex Scenes – Part Three – Six Female Archetypes

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Posted on: 4th May 2014