Book Review – The Sins Of The Mother

The Sins Of The Mother by Danielle Steel (Random House) Price ISBN 978-0-59306-313-2

It does seem as though lots of money can cover old wounds between parents and children, and Olivia plans one lavish holiday every year to make amends. Will her daughters, Cassie, and Liz, ever understand? And will her sons, John and Phillip, who work for her, forgive her?

I didn’t see Olivia as a sinner. She chose to work and see little of her children growing up and the family’s resentment of that fact cannot change. I felt sympathetic towards a mother who never stops loving her family in spite of their resentments. Problems arise and Olivia is always there to help out. A very well written, enjoyable Danielle Steel story.

Dee Andrew

Posted on: 27th January 2013