Gail Schimmel

Literary Birthday – 9 January – Gail Schimmel

Happy Birthday, Gail Schimmel, born 9 January 1974.


  1. I have always written – from the time I could string an ill-spelt sentence together… My father – who was himself an artist and would have been expected to support me – pointed out that there is a lot of editing involved and that in those days of typewriters, this would involve a lot of hard work. Being rather hard-work adverse, I decided to become a lawyer instead…
  2. But the reality is that if you are a storyteller, there’s not a lot you can do to fight it – and I am a storyteller. I needed to write, and if I was going to write anyway, I was pretty determined that I would also be read!
  3. The only way that you will write a book is by sitting down and writing. It’s not going to land in your lap ready written, waiting for you to take the credit. (via)
  4. [My greatest ideas for writing come from] Watching people, and imagining “what ifs” about my own choices. (via)
  5. The first story I remember writing was an adaptation of Cinderella, I think. All I can really remember is that my mother’s friend Ruth – who is a lovely, kind woman – featured as a witch. The ugly sisters had names adapted from real people, and my mom got quite worried that I’d show it to the people concerned. (via)
  6. I read a lot – and by some people’s standards I am a fairly intellectual reader – but I read to escape. I want a story, and I don’t want to have to work hard to get my story. So that is what I try to write. I went to a talk by Jeffrey Archer and he said that you get literary writers and story-tellers, and very seldom do the two meet. I agree with that, and, like him, I see myself as a story-teller. (via)

Gail Schimmel is a South African author of four novels – Marriage VowsWhatever happened to the Cowley Twins?, The Park, and The Accident. She is also CEO of the Advertising Regulatory Board. Visit her website.

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Posted on: 8th January 2020