Literary Birthday – 6 February – Louis Dudek

Louis Dudek was born 6 February 1918 and died 23 March 2001.


  1. What is forgiven is usually well remembered.
  2. Art is anything people do with distinction.
  3. Imagination should be integrated with life, not turned into a separate activity, art, that monopolises one’s whole existence.
  4. A critic at best is a waiter at the great table of literature.
  5. Intellectually, most people never wash. They never free their minds of the accumulated rubbish of centuries.
  6. There is no original sin. It’s all been done before.
  7. The philistine provides the best definition of art. Anything that makes him rage is first class.
  8. The best live among us in disguise.

Louis Dudek was a Canadian poet, academic, and publisher. He was best known for his role in defining Modernism in poetry, and for his literary criticism. He was the author of over two dozen books. His prose works include The Theory of the Image in Modern Poetry, Ideas for Poetry, and In Defence of Art.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 6th February 2018