Garth Stein

Literary Birthday – 6 December – Garth Stein

Happy Birthday, Garth Stein, born 6 December 1964.


  1. I’m a writer because I love reading. I love the conversation between a reader and a writer, and that it all takes place in a book-sort of a neutral ground. A writer puts down the words, and a reader interprets the words, and every reader will read a book differently. I love that.
  2. The human language, as precise as it is with its thousands of words, can still be so wonderfully vague.
  3. The true hero is flawed. The true test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles – preferably of his own making – in order to triumph.
  4. We are the creators of our own destiny,
  5. So much of language is unspoken. So much of language is compromised of looks and gestures and sounds that are not words. People are ignorant of the vast complexity of their own communication.
  6. In documentary films, you’re a storyteller using found objects. You still have to have a story arc and all the elements that make a good story. It really helped me mature as a storyteller.
  7. Using a dog as a narrator has limitations and it has advantages. The limitations are that a dog cannot speak. A dog has no thumbs. A dog can’t communicate his thoughts except with gestures.
  8. The craft of writing is all the stuff that you can learn through school; go to workshops and read books. Learn characterisation and plot and dialogue and pacing and word choice and point of view. Then there’s also the art of it which is sort of the unknown, the inspiration, the stuff that is non-cerebral.
  9. I know in this time of great technological advancement, the idea of reading a book seems almost anachronistic, but I think it’s worth preserving.

Garth Stein is an American author and film producer. He is the author of four novels: A Sudden Light; The Art of Racing in the Rain; the PNBA Book Award winner, How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets; and Raven Stole the Moon. He is also the author of the stage play Brother Jones.

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Posted on: 6th December 2017