Mari Jungstedt

Literary Birthday – 31 October – Mari Jungstedt

Happy Birthday, Mari Jungstedt, born 31 October 1962.

Three Quotes

  1. Gotland is perfect as a crime scene because it’s an island and you have this kind of closed atmosphere. You have the coast line like a circle around you.
  2. I had three thoughts in my mind when I started my first attempt to write a book – I wanted it to be a crime novel,  I wanted it to take place on Gotland and I wanted it to be about something more than ‘just’ a suspenseful crime story – I wanted to tell something else, some human problem that people can relate to and find interesting, I wanted  to have a depth in the story.
  3. I chose to write a crime novel because I have always loved reading them myself. Even during my childhood I always loved suspenseful stories and mysteries.

Mari Jungstedt is a Swedish crime fiction author. She is famous for writing the Anders Knutas series, which began with Unseen. Six titles have been the basis for Swedish movies.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 31st October 2014