Literary Birthday – 26 April – Anita Loos

Anita Loos was born 26 April 1889, and died 18 August 1981.

Anita Loos Quotes

  1. On a plane you can pick up more and better people than on any other public conveyance since the stagecoach
  2. I can never take for granted the euphoria produced by a cup of coffee. I’m grateful every day that it isn’t banned as a drug, that I don’t have to buy it from a pusher, that its cost is minimal and there’s no need to increase the intake. I can count on its stimulation 365 mornings every year. And thanks to the magic in a cup of coffee, I’m able to plunge into a whole day’s cheerful thinking.
  3. Fate keeps on happening.
  4. The rarest of all things in American life is charm. We spend billions every year manufacturing fake charm that goes under the heading of public relations. Without it, America would be grim indeed.
  5. It isn’t that gentlemen really prefer blondes, it’s just that we look dumber.
  6. I’ve always loved high style in low company.
  7. A kiss on the hand may feel very, very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever.
  8. Memory is more indelible than ink.
  9. There is a serious defect in the thinking of someone who wants – more than anything else – to become rich. As long as they don’t have the money, it’ll seem like a worthwhile goal. Once they do, they’ll understand how important other things are – and have always been.

Anita Loos was an American screenwriter, playwright, and author. She is best known for her blockbuster comic novel, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Source for photograph: Unknown photographer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 26th April 2015