Joanne Kyger

Literary Birthday – 19 November – Joanne Kyger

Joanne Kyger was born 19 November 1934 and died 22 March 2017.

Joanne Kyger Quotes

  1. The shape of the day, the words of the moment, what’s happening around me in the world of interior and exterior space—these are my writing concerns.
  2. Living in a semi-rural environment the cast of characters in my poems are often the quail, deer, raccoons, coyote bush, oaks, the ocean, the weather, and a few treasured friends. All are equally valid in the environment of place. Some talk more than others.
  3. My attention to writing is a daily practice, which then builds an accumulative narrative of chronology. Which ends up as the story of one’s life. An historical sense of ‘self,’ breathing and experiencing what is common to every human—the local, the ordinary, the non-motivated sense of just ‘being.’ One is also aware of the accumulations of lineage of all those writing persons who have come before and to whom one owes the inheritance of this written moment.

Joanne Kyger was an American poet. The author of over 30 books of poetry and prose, Kyger was associated with the poets of the San Francisco Renaissance, the Beat Generation, Black Mountain, and the New York School. Kyger’s collections of poetry included The Tapestry and the Web, Just Space: Poems, 1979-1989, and About Now: Collected Poems. She is also the author of the prose collection Strange Big Moon: The Japan and India Journals, 1960-1964.

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Posted on: 19th November 2017