Roxane Gay

Literary Birthday – 15 October – Roxane Gay

Happy Birthday, Roxane Gay, born 15 October 1974.


  1. Writing, at its best and truest, can offer solace and salvation for both readers and writers.
  2. I wrote myself back together. I wrote myself toward a stronger version of myself . . . Through writing and feminism, I also found that if I was a little bit brave, another woman might hear me and see me and recognize that none of us are the nothing the world tries to tell us we are.
  3. Just write and love what you’re writing. And if you’re not loving what you’re writing, take a look at why and fix that.
  4. Writing has always allowed me to escape. I was a very lonely child. Because I was very socially awkward, I would always have trouble making friends. And so reading and writing allowed me to have friends and to have an active imaginary life that really sort of kept me sane.
  5. Most of the time, writing is a lot of fun, and not a small amount of self-medication.
  6. The actual act of writing brings me such pleasure – to tell stories, to engage in cultural criticism, to reflect, to question, all of it is invigorating.
  7. I love writing fiction because I can totally lose myself and I get to make up the rules of the world that I’m writing.
  8. When I’m editing my work, I’m looking for everything to fit, to feel seamless, for every detail or line of dialogue or scene to feel necessary and organic. I approach the writing of others in much the same way while always working to preserve the writer’s voice. To allow myself to be vulnerable on the page, I tell myself no one is going to read my work. There’s no way I could put myself out there otherwise.
  9. I read constantly because there is so much to learn from the writing in the world.

Roxane Gay is an American writer, professor, and editor. Gay has written the essay collection Bad Feminist, the novel An Untamed State, the short story collection Difficult Women, and the memoir Hunger. She is also the author of World of Wakanda for Marvel. She is a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times.

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Posted on: 14th October 2020