Literary Birthday – 12 August – Chris Bohjalian

Happy Birthday, Chris Bohjalian, born 12 August 1962.


  1. On a regular basis if you’re trying to produce something, I think you should work every day and set achievable goals.
  2. My personal opinion is that, if you’re a professional writer, that you do have quotas. So every day I do try to write 800-1,200 words. I don’t always achieve it, and the reality is that a lot of the words I write will end up on the cutting-room floor.
  3. I think the most important lesson isn’t necessarily to try and write a different book every time, or to try and brand yourself and write one specific kind of book, but to write the kind of books you love to read.
  4. I need complete silence when I write.
  5. People seem to read so much more nonfiction than fiction, and so it always gives me great pleasure to introduce a friend or family member to a novel I believe they’ll cherish but might not otherwise have thought to pick up and read.
  6. What is most important to me is that my narrator’s voice is believable, and that, though it is clearly an absolute fiction, it has the emotional resonance of memoir.

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Chris Bohjalian is an American novelist. He has written 20 novels, including the bestsellers Midwives and The Sandcastle Girls.

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Posted on: 11th August 2017