Visual Storytelling 14

Lesson 14 | Visual Storytelling Course

Lesson 14: Next Steps

  1. Learn the basics: Take the time to learn the basics of screenwriting formatting and terminology like ‘Fade in’ or ‘O/S’ etc.  Remember, you just need the basics to get started.
  2. Sign up for a screenwriting course: The Script from Writers Write shows you the major elements of scriptwriting.
  3. Try to write every day: Make it a habit to write every day. Find an hour or so when you can work on your stories.
  4. Join a writing group: Join an online writing group and connect with fellow writers from around the world. If you can’t find one, start one.
  5. Make a movie on your phone. Most smartphones have a video function. Use your family and friends to film a short script.
  6. Enter a contest or competition: Enter screenwriting competitions like Final Draft’s ‘Big Break’ contest.
  7. Find a mentor: While you may not be able to find a screenwriter or producer to read your work, you can read books and interviews with your favourite writers, producers, and directors. 
  8. Watch and learn: Watch as many TV shows and movies as you can. Download free scripts of movies – a good resource is
  9. Study film deeply: Write a review and in-depth analysis of a film or TV show you enjoy.
  10. Don’t compare yourself to others: Your journey is going to awesome and unique – so don’t compare it to anyone else’s. Just keep writing.
  11. And finally, remember: You have permission to write badly.

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Posted on: 25th May 2020