International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day – 8 September

Happy International Literacy Day!

On 8 September 2018, International Literacy Day will be celebrated around the world with the theme ‘Literacy and Skills Development’.

International Literacy Day addresses current challenges and looks for innovative solutions to boost literacy in the future.

  1. The theme of International Literacy Day 2014 was ‘Literacy and Sustainable Development‘.
  2. The theme of International Literacy Day 2015 was ‘Literacy and Sustainable Societies.’.
  3. In 2016, the world marked the 50th anniversary of International Literacy Day and UNESCO celebrated it under the banner ‘Reading the Past, Writing the Future’.
  4. In 2017, International Literacy Day was celebrated across the world under the theme of ‘Literacy in a Digital World’.

The world needs literate citizens to promote sustainable development. If we can read, we can make informed decisions. This is essential for economic growth, social development and environmental integration.

Literacy plays a crucial role in the creation of sustainable, prosperous and peaceful societies. We celebrate National Book Week in South Africa during the first week of September every year. [Read 12 Inspiring Literacy Quotes]

According to studies, literacy rates are rising. If you look at the maps below, it is encouraging to see that South Africa’s literacy rate among the youth is 90-100%.

 by Amanda Patterson

Posted on: 8th September 2014