Earn More By Improving Your Writing Skills

Earn More By Improving Your Writing Skills

If you want a great job, you need to think about writing well. You can actually earn more by improving your writing skills.

We have been teaching people to improve their business writing for 10 years. We still find it difficult to understand how companies think it is acceptable to let their employees write badly.

We have to admit that we ignore wordy, jargon-riddled communications. We do not take anyone seriously if their writing is littered with errors in spelling and grammar. We do respond to messages that are well-written, professional, and short.

More importantly, we will not buy anything from anyone who makes mistakes in their writing – online and in real life. Some of us have been known to leave restaurants if their menus have errors in them. If people can’t be bothered to get that right, what else is wrong with their product?

We love this infographic by Grammarly. It shows we are not alone. It seems there is a strong correlation between writing skills, employability, and amounts earned.

Earn More By Improving Your Writing Skills

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 by Amanda Patterson

Posted on: 3rd November 2014