How To Deflate Those Inflated Phrases

How To Deflate Those Inflated Phrases

Writers Write creates resources for business writers. Use this list to help you deflate those inflated phrases and become a better writer.

We receive many emails every day. We are bombarded with adverts, proposals, requests and reports. Why do we respond to some and ignore others?

I ignore messages that are full of meaningless, rambling words and redundant phrases. I also cannot take anyone seriously if their writing is littered with errors in spelling and grammar, especially if they involve punctuation or parts of speech.

I respond to those that are courteous, catch my attention, and ask me a simple question. [Read: 7 Essential Characteristics Of Effective Business Writing]

How To Deflate Those Inflated Phrases

Don’t use complicated, cluttered phrases when concise writing will do. Simplicity is the magical ingredient in communicating.

Try to keep your communications as simple and as clear as possible. Have a look at these examples. How many of these mistakes do you make every day?

How To Deflate Those Inflated Phrases

If you want a response to your written communications, you need to learn how to plan your writing. It should be clear, easily understood, and concise.

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Posted on: 20th October 2014

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  1. Calvyn Gilfellan

    Less is more – aptly illustrated in your piece. Even if I remember half of them, I would be better off. Thanks.

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