How To Pronounce Authors' Names

How To Pronounce Authors’ Names Correctly

You probably mispronounce your favourite author’s name. This handy chart includes the mispronunciation and gives you the correction.

How To Pronounce Authors’ Names Correctly

We found other common mistakes (not included in the chart) in a Reader’s Digest article. We have shared them below:

Roald Dahl

Don’t say: Rolled Dahl, or Role Dahl
Correct pronunciation: ROO-all Dahl

J.K. Rowling

Don’t say: Row-ling, or Raw-ling
Correct pronunciation: “rolling”

Diana Gabaldon

Don’t say: Gabble-don, or Guh-BALL-don
Correct pronunciation: GAB-uhl-dohn (last syllable rhymes with “stone”)

Louis Sachar

Don’t say: Satcher, or Suh-kar
Correct pronunciation: Sacker


Don’t say: GOH-thee, or GO-thuh
Correct pronunciation: GUR-tuh

 Junot Diaz

Don’t say: HOO-note Diaz
Correct pronunciation: JOO-no DEE-as

Rick Riordan

Don’t say: REAR-din, or Ree-OHR-din
Correct pronunciation: RYE-ohr-din

Albert Camus

Don’t say: Al-bert Kam-muss
Correct pronunciation: ahl-BEHR kah-MOO

Jorge Luis Borges

Don’t say: bor-GESS
Correct pronunciation: BOR-hays

Rainer Maria Rilke

Don’t say: RILL-kee
Correct pronunciation: RILL-kuh

Annie Proulx

Don’t say: Prool, or Prooks
Correct pronunciation: Proo

Here is the chart:

How To Pronounce Authors' Names Correctly

Source for chart: Buzzfeed

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