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Posted on: 3rd May 2015

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  1. I spent a week in London in March. This is an unusual time of year for me to be there because of the unreliable weather and the proximity to the close of the UK tax year which is April 5. However, my Prep School was celebrating its 125th anniversary and I wanted to attend the dinner.

    I took very little with me, apart from the usual luggage, other than a bronze sculpture of a bird which flew on to New York with a colleague of mine as a f gift to my godchild. However, I brought back quite a lot of books. I love books and have more than enough to read for the rest of my life but it does not stop me buying more.

    I am British but i gave up living in the UK (London) in 1988. I don’t think I have any emotional baggage as a consequence. The reunion dinner at my Prep School brought on quite a lot of reminiscence: my old Headmaster, long deceased, whose false teeth were liable to leap out of his mouth when he got excited. Mr Rotherham, who had an iron stomach (literally), and once threatened to turn me upside down and sweep the floor with me after I bumped into a lady teacher whose name I do not recall. Dappy (Mr D.A. Prideaux), our Maths master who confiscated my pink teddy bear, Grizzly, when he saw its head emerging from behind my desk. I had to chase him round the school to recapture it. Almost emotional baggage.