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Posted on: 20th July 2015

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  1. hannah C brown

    Sitting on the porch
    watching the silhouettes of firemen against the night
    trying their best to fight off the flame

    Though we were all safe
    I knew not everything would be OK
    As a piece of our lives went up in smoke

  2. Any campfire, surrounded by what passes for your ‘tribe,’ or, your family, actually. With plentiful good food, drink, and soft music, setting the tone, and inviting in so warmly, even the most wayward of total strangers, from the cold and dark outside of that most intimate circle of fellowship light: all of us just lost souls, and such lonely human travelers, on life’s road. Only seeking a kindly flame of community, to get us through all those long nights. If not so much, to act as the beacon drawing us nigh like a bumbling moth to the flame, in the vast and always too empty halls of our social hearts. There is something very intimate and special, and almost elementally profound, in holding conversations, or sharing philosophies, around a blazing campfire. Almost, like a time machine, that takes us back to the earliest generations, and the earliest form, of ‘social-media.’ Is there any better place? To share stories, or to pass along the bygone wisdom of past ages–all condensed down, into a quaint, fire-side chat, with some special, and highly esteemed, elder. Yeah, campfires, they are the best.

  3. Sharon always wore her hair longer down the right side of her face, sat to the left of anyone, and turned her head slightly to the right when posing for pictures. Even though she was now expert at covering up the scars with make-up, she could still see and feel the scars under the concealer and her hair. Twenty-three years after the fateful incident when her father threw his full whiskey glass at her mother that caused the fire that burnt down their home, and killed both her parents and Buster, the golden terrier, she still remembers the burning sensation in her throat, her tear-filled eyes and her mother’s gut-wrenching, ear-piercing screams.