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  1. Athina Antoniou

    She set off early in the morning to reach her destination. The journey was long but somehow relaxing. As she got nearer she stopped driving and just stood there, gazing at the lavender-filled fields. She remembered walking through those same fields as a child, loving the feel and smell of the plants. There was nothing more wonderful than standing on the hill near her house and seeing those fields stretched out before her. How beautiful and simple life was then.
    From there it was only a short drive before the house came into view, standing at the top of the hill with the mountains majestically behind it. Many thoughts flooded through her mind.
    She thought about the difficulties of the recent past, and how far she’d come on her road to recovery. She wondered how things would be when she finally arrived home. Would her family welcome her back with open arms, despite everything that had happened since she’d left? Would they want to hear her side of the story?
    It was no use pondering about it now. She had to continue to the final leg of her journey. She would know soon enough.
    She’d just reached the front door when it opened before she could knock. There stood her mum, with her dad standing behind her and the rest of the family all waiting expectantly. Her mum opened her arms and she walked straight into them. There was no need for words. She was home.

  2. Beth Camp

    On the Road

    Slam shut
    that lock on the suitcase:
    We’re ready
    for another trip.
    I don’t care.
    Just shake the dust
    off those tired beds
    that slant to one side,
    those early mornings
    that roil with routine.
    Am I too old to travel without a destination?
    Don’t think so.
    We’re all headed to our own unique ending,
    with or without grace,
    as fast as we can go.

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