Book Review – Shrek

by William Steig (Penguin) ISBN 978-0-141-37471-0

The cover states that it was the book that inspired the movies and the musical. I doubt it.

From the very first Shrek movie to the ‘The Final Chapter’, Shrek has always been a favourite for kids. With that high expectation I was looking forward to having Shrek as a bedtime story instead of a movie.

After reading the book to my son, I found that the Shrek portrayed was nowhere near the Shrek we’ve come to know and love. The cover of the book looked interesting, but we both found it was not enjoyable, full of old Shakespearean English that is not relatable for children, the dialogue was also not easy to read as the words were more ‘highfalutin’ than necessary

For a book with a target market of kids who are taught to be well mannered, this was the opposite of my expectations. Shrek was foul and we didn’t like him.

The fact that Shrek marries the ugliest princess in the end is the only relief and sense of goodness in the entire book.

Natacia Leaf

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Posted on: 6th August 2017