Book Review – Property Of A Noblewoman

Property Of A Noblewoman by Danielle Steel (Bantam Press) ISBN: 9780593069066

Danielle Steel is always an enjoyable read.

An abandoned safe-deposit box in a New York City Bank reveals a treasure trove of priceless jewellery. Court clerk, Jane Willoughby is charged with discovering more about the mysterious owner, the late Marguerite Wallace Pearson di San Pignelli.

Jane is sad to think that these most precious possessions are to be sold off. Why did Marguerite never claim them?  Jane and Christie’s auctioneer, Phillip Lawton are thrown together in a quest to find out more about Marguerite’s story.

But the search turns personal—and their efforts to reconstruct an enigmatic life lead them from New York to London and Paris, to Rome and Naples, and a series of stunning revelations that will change their lives forever.

Dee Andrew

Posted on: 5th June 2016