Book Review – Genuine Lies

by Nora Roberts (Piatkus) ISBN 9780349408019

Nora Roberts is a master storyteller.

Eve Benedict is a famous Hollywood movie star. In her sixties, she is still working and popular. She has decided to have her biography written by ghost writer, Julia Summers. Eve wants to expose all the lies and scandals, both hers and her associates. She realises she is opening a dangerous hornet’s nest.

Her step-son, Paul Winthrop is against this book. Julia sides with Eve, so her ideas clash with Paul’s. They do not know they are being caught in a tangled sinister web. Eve is yet to reveal her last great secret, which will throw them all into danger.

People do not want to be exposed. They would do anything to prevent the biography being published. Should it be edited or sanitised? What would the outcome be if it is written for all to see?

Nora Roberts has constructed her story brilliantly. It is an absolute page turner with never a dull moment – a great read. 

Dawn Blankfield