Book Review – Day Four

Day Four by Sarah Lotz (Hodder & Stoughton) ISBN: 978-1-444-77537-2

Wow! This book packs a punch. It has all the elements of an action-packed thriller.

Wealthy passengers are promised a fun-filled holiday, relaxation around the pool and endless buffets aboard the luxury liner, the Beautiful Dreamer. An added bonus for pleasure seekers is that the famed psychic medium Celine del Ray will connect them with their deceased loved ones. Little do the holidaymakers imagine that their holiday will turn into a nightmare when a fire mysteriously ravages the engine room. The Beautiful Dreamer comes to a dead halt in the middle of nowhere and contact with the outside world is cut.

Disaster grows each day as the crew face one crisis after another. The body of a young girl is discovered and a mysterious virus runs amok the ship. The catatonic state of the ship’s engineer mystifies the ship’s doctor who finds himself facing old demons. Passengers start seeing mysterious children running around the ship. And Celine del Ray is acting strangely. With no electricity and the passengers facing food rations and sewerage problems, the cruise appears to be haunted; and there is still the problem about a murderer on board the ship.

The storyline is so tightly wound that I found myself unable to put this book down. I scanned each chapter searching for clues but ended up with more questions than answers. This is a must-read, but not if you are going on a cruise.

Ulrike Hill

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Posted on: 31st August 2015