Book Review – 113 Minutes

by James Patterson with Max DiLallo (Book Shots) ISBN: 978-1-786-53041-7

The school has called Molly – it is an emergency and her son is in trouble. As she races to school, she expects the worst. But Molly is too late – her son has died from a drug overdose. She is determined to find the person who gave him the drugs and killed her son. Evidence points in one direction.

The problem is that Molly has no money and her farm is about to be repossessed. With the help of her brothers, she robs banks and manages to pay off her debts and begins the hunt to confront the killer. The problem is that Special Agent Mason Randolph is investigating the bank robberies and Molly may spend the rest of her life in jail. Time is important.

Patterson’s stories ‘at the speed of life’ are easy to read, and perfect for holiday getaways. Although the ending of this thriller was unpredictable but when I did reach it, I was disappointed.

Ulrike Hill

Posted on: 27th November 2016