Book Review – 666 Park Avenue

by Gabriella Pierce (William Morrow) ISBN 978-0-06-143477-8

Jane Boyle’s life in Paris takes on an exciting turn when she meets the man of her dreams. He proposes within weeks and they decide to move to New York.

Then Jane’s grandmother is found dead. With her only family member gone, she reads a note left by her grandmother. Jane reads that she is in fact a witch and is now unprotected.Jane is whisked to New York and introduced to Malcolm’s family. Malcolm’s mother is a witch and so are her sisters. They are powerful as well as deadly. Jane meets some colourful and interesting characters along the way. She learns more about her powers and prepares to stand against Malcolm’s mother.

666 Park Avenue is lighthearted and fun. I was told that this is Gabriella’s first book. I believe the sequel will be better. The plot could have been stronger, as I found myself losing interest in the story.  Because she uses the 666 in the title, I was expecting a little more excitement.

Candice Rossouw

Posted on: 14th March 2012