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6 Questions To Ask Before You Publish Your Blog Post

You’ve finished your blog post for the week and you want to share it. It may feel finished, but are you really ready to share it? Here are six questions to ask before you publish a post.

6 Questions To Ask Before You Publish Your Blog Post

  1. Have you made good on the promise of your title? If you have said you’ll offer ‘10 Invaluable Tips’, make sure you do. If you can get people to click on the link, you’ve done the hard work. Once they’re on your site, you need to deliver.
  2. Have you delivered on your genre? I know it sounds as if I’m talking about fiction, but every blog has a specific audience that expects something from your posts. If I follow a blog about dancing, I don’t want to read a random food post. (The blogger could post about what food dancers should eat or about the blogger’s favourite foods or restaurants.) Otherwise, stick to what your audience expects. If you blog about writing, have a look at this post: 30 Inspiring Blog Post Ideas For Writers. It includes many ideas, but they all relate to writing.
  3. Are you preaching? Unless you are a preacher, don’t do this. The best way to write is by revealing your experiences through story. If you have a message you want to impart, it is better to get it across by showing rather than by telling. If you struggle to do this, take a creative writing course, or do some online research.
  4. Does your post have a beginning, middle, and an ending? Ask a question or tell us what you’re going to write about. Give us the information in the middle. Sum it up at the end. The beginning and ending do not need to be longer than one of two sentences.
  5. Have you checked your readability? We live in an impatient world. Before you publish your blog, check that your readability statistic is above 70%. The higher the better. Make it easy for your followers to read your writing.
  6. Have you checked your spelling and grammar? This is more important than you think. First impressions count, and while most people don’t expect you to be a grammarian, they do expect you to have taken some care before publishing. If your writing is poor, it detracts from the content you want to share. You can use an online grammar checker or your spell check to do this.

Before you share your post, use this simple checklist. It’s a great way to double-check your content.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 9th July 2018

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