5 Things To Remember To Do When Publishing A Romance Novel

5 Things To Remember To Do When Publishing A Romance Novel

In this post, we look at five things to remember to do when publishing a romance novel.

Dear Reader,

How delightful to once again be sharing thoughts and wisdom garnered from many authors, and my own personal experience, with you as you embark upon what I hope will be a long and illustrious writing career. In my last letter, I mentioned the 5 Things To Remember Not To Do When Publishing A Romance Novel. Today, I would like to share those things that you should do when you wish to place your novel in the hands of the reading public.

5 Things To Remember To Do When Publishing A Romance Novel

  1. Know That It May Take Time To Find The Right Publisher
    Do not speak, I beg of you, of J. K. Rowling and her 12 rejections! William Saroyan, an Armenian-American novelist, playwright, and short story writer, was rejected by publishers 7000 times! But in 1940, he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. In 1943, he won the Academy Award for Best Story for the film adaptation of his novel, The Human Comedy. Rejection is part of growing as a writer. Embrace it.
  2. Have a small, trusted team of alpha and beta readers
    Do not wait for the reviews to discover that your book has plot holes large enough through which to propel the Death Star. Build a small group of trusted individuals who have the courage to tell you the truth about your book. Be humble enough to listen and make whatever changes are required. Especially if the majority are saying the same thing.
  3. Adhere To The 30, 100, 500, 2 Page Rule
    Writing the novel, you will discover, is not as easy as one may think. Writing the log-line, the blurb, and the synopsis makes that experience pale into insignificance. The advice to not assume your first draft is perfect holds true here as well. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. Ask your beta readers for their opinions as well. Start at either end of the 30, 100, 500, 2 Pages Rule. Write until you can not only tell an interested party the soul of your book in 30 words, but also create in them an overwhelming desire to know more. Then tackle 100 words etc. Why? Because the publishing houses each have different word count requirements for the synopsis for which they all ask. In addition, the rule is also an extremely helpful exercise while writing the novel, especially if you find yourself knee-deep in the so-called mire of ‘writer’s block’.
  4. Learn To Love Editing And Rewriting
    To my horror, dear reader, I have encountered authors who profess to hate editing and rewriting. These activities are your friends, your guides through the miasma of bad writing, abysmal plotting, and atrocious dialogue. If your manuscript were not an inanimate object, it would constantly be declaring, possibly in mocking tones, ‘Go on, make me better. I dare you!’ Accept the challenge. Learn this lesson well as your publisher may ask for changes as well.
  5. Learn as much about marketing as you can
    Seldom, if ever, do books sell without some form of marketing. Today, even the large traditional publishing houses require their authors to play a meaningful role in marketing their books, one that goes beyond turning up for book-signings! Learn all you can and implement those lessons.

And there, dear reader, I must leave you. One final word of advice – each author’s journey through their writing career is different, listen well to sage advice, take the best from it, and then forge your own path! Most of all, enjoy each step along the way.

Yours in ink

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Posted on: 6th July 2022