27 Inspiring Gift Ideas For Writers (& Readers)

Writers Write shares writing resources and we’ve put together a selection of bookish gift ideas for writers. We hope you find something that you like.

Most of the writers we’ve met love coffee (or tea), cats, and rainy weather. Real books ground them, and being surrounded by pens and pencils and paper makes them feel safe.

They love word play, ideas, sentences that are properly constructed, and sentences that have the power to change their minds. They like readers and thinkers and philosophers. They also have a sense of the absurd.

With this in mind, we put together a selection of bookish gifts for writers. We hope you find something that you like.

27 Inspiring Gift Ideas For Writers (& Readers)

6 Mugs (& A Spoon)

500 Word Mug by SparklyPrints

Mr Darcy Mug by Miss Bohemia

Writer Mug via Amazon

Please Do Not Annoy The Writer via Amazon

Grammar Mug – Too, To, Two by Bookish Gifts

Caffeinated Writer by Bon Vivant Design House


Write & Edit Earrings by Michelle Mach

Punctuation Ring by Michelle Mach

Etc. Ring by Michelle Mach


To Be or Not To Be pencils by CouldYouPlease

Pencil Set for Writers by IceyDesigns

Novel Ideas Pocket Journal by IceyDesigns

Notebook Journal by IceyDesigns


Sorry I Can’t Right Now I’m Busy Introverting Bag by Look Human

Oxford Comma For Life T-Shirt by BrainCloset

Alice In Wonderland T-Shirt by TeeRiot

Sherlock Holmes Opaque Tights by Coline Design

All The Things by JustTheWritePlace 

Alcoholic Options

Writer’s Tears Cask Strength Whiskey by Walsh Whiskey

Writer’s Block Pinotage by Flagstone Wines


Writers Write Art Print by TheDreamyGiraffe

F Scott Fitzgerald Quote Poster by ObviousState

Odds & Ends

Soap for Writer’s Block by Whiskey River Soap Co

Antique Books Scented Candle by Werther & Gray

Pride and Prejudice Loose Leaf Tea by FirstEditionTeaCo

And The Best Of All

Writers Write Gift Vouchers by Writers Write

 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 8th December 2016