25 Simple Ways To Recycle Your Blog Posts

In this post, we look at 25 simple ways to recycle your blog posts.

Great blog posts are created with content that reflects your brand’s core message. Your readers follow you because of this and they will read posts that reinforce this again and again.

These posts are characterised by ideas that are nurtured with research and percolated over time. Bloggers need patience and the ability to pay attention to details to create these posts.

Writing more posts is not always better. While it is important to post regularly and to create new content, research shows that timeless posts are often more appealing than frequent, timely posts that are simply written for the sake of writing them. [Read Refreshing the evergreen to find out how recycled content never gets old]

One of the ways to take the pressure off yourself as a blogger is to look at the popular posts your followers have enjoyed and to find ways to re-purpose them. You may need to update the post itself, or to write a response to the original post. You will also find older posts that many of your new followers will not have seen.

‘Recycling your blog post is not about being lazy and spinning your old content. It’s about re-visiting a topic that matters with added value and to continue the dialogue,’ says Jerry Low, the founder of Web Hosting Secret Revealed.

In the list below, Marko Saric, founder of HowToMakeMyBlog! has come up with 25 ways to re-purpose old content in new and different formats.

25 Simple Ways To Recycle Your Blog Posts

Why don’t you try some of these tips to take the pressure off your blogging schedule?

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Posted on: 15th August 2016