25 Proven Ways To Beat Writer’s Block

For many people, there are days when it is difficult to get motivated and be inspired by their jobs. For writers this situation often results in writer’s block. 


If you write for a living then it is something to be avoided at all costs.

There’s some debate about whether writer’s block truly exists, but a study of 2000 writers has confirmed that it does.  According to Stop Procrastinating, the productivity website and website blocker, more than 60% of writers said they had suffered from it at some point.

As with most productivity issues, there’s a range where some writers may find it difficult to work for a few days, and all they need is a break, while for others the block is far worse and needs some radical intervention. Thankfully, all of the writers overcame it. The survey also found the solutions that the writers used to get them writing again.

These solutions include an interesting mix of creative motivation techniques and unorthodox routines. From practical advice like pretending to write a letter to a friend or writing for shorter but more intense periods, to more unorthodox suggestions such as taking a break and baking a cake or having a cold shower, the full survey results can be found in this Infographic below:

by Stephen Bennett from Stop Procrastinating

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Posted on: 25th August 2015

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