Book Review – Wicked Business

by Janet Evanovich (Headline Review) ISBN: 9780755384938

Lizzy Tucker and Diesel are back. Lizzy was living a normal life baking cupcakes in Salem, until she discovered she had a secret power to find enchanted relics. Lizzy wishes she didn’t have the power. Her life was far less complicated. Now she spends her time chasing after stones that have the power to destroy the world.

The delicious Diesel needs Lizzy to find the stones so that he can get them back to the ‘office’ for safekeeping. His evil cousin, Wulf, and his sidekick, Hatchet also want the stones. This caper continues where Wicked Appetite ended. Lizzy’s boss Clara, and her ditzy friend and co-worker, Glo play their roles. Then Deirdre Early aka Anarchy makes an appearance and I had a sense of déjà vu.

Sound familiar? I was reading Stephanie Plum all over again. Clara is Connie, Glo is Lula, Diesel is Joe, Wulf is Ranger, The Bakery is The Bail Bonds Office. Deirdre is Joyce Barnhardt. The only difference is we have some magic added in this series. I felt duped.

Evanovich writes as well as ever. She is easy to read, and the book is harmless fun. However, I don’t think I’m going to invest any more time in this rip-off of her other successful series. I’ve already read 18 of them.

Amanda Patterson
Posted on: 17th September 2012