1500 Times A Day – How To Stay Afloat In The Information Deluge

Writers Write is a plain language writing resource. In this post, we tell you how to stay afloat in the information deluge.

1500 Times A Day – How To Stay Afloat In The Information Deluge

The average person receives 1500 messages (via email, television, cell phone, billboard, social media, Internet, and other channels) a day. To be an effective communicator, you need to break through this overload.

How are consumers communicating?

Desktop usage is decreasing. Mobile media is increasing. Social media is the runaway winner. However, the content you provide once you get your audience’s attention must be perfectly written. Remember, electronic readers are less patient than ever. Keep your information brief and clear.

The ABCs of effective communications

If you do want to communicate, keep it specific. Determine one point you want to get across no matter what. All the rest will be lost in the confusion.

Communications must be:

•  Accurate
•  Brief
•  Clear
•  Simple

You should also wait until you have something important to say. Ask yourself, what makes news? What are my potential client interested in?

Use these guidelines if you are unsure:

• Criticism and controversy
• Heroes and villains
• The new, the unusual, and the different
• Trends and changes
• Winners and losers

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 30th July 2011