10 Resolutions For Business Writers

10 Resolutions For Freelance Business Writers

We all want to be better business writers. If you struggle, read our post on 10 resolutions for freelance business writers.

Being a successful business writer takes a lot of things.

It takes dedication, time, and a lot of time spent cutting and stitching words together on the cutting room floor.

If you want to be a writer, it also takes a fair amount of focus on practical future goals. What you would like to achieve in the next year or lifetime of writing.

Goals are something that every writer should have, and that no writer ever stops having. Stephen King or James Patterson didn’t stop having writing goals when their book sales hit six figures – but I can guarantee they set new challenges for themselves.

Have you thought about your new year’s resolutions for 2021 as a business or corporate writer? Would you like to break into the corporate writing industry, or better your skills?

Here’s some help from Writers Write in the form of 10 writing resolutions (for business writers) in 2021:

10 Resolutions For Freelance Business Writers

We’re approaching the end of what could be called an interesting year. Let’s look ahead. What writing goals are you hoping to achieve in 2021 as a business writer? Here are 10 resolutions to add to your list.

  1. New Clients (& Old Ones)

Successful business writing is all about connecting with clients, and building your potential customer network.

Make 2021 the year to seek out customers for your writing business. Search job boards, join writer’s networks or groups, try cold calling local businesses, and best of luck.

While you’re at it, search your inbox and reconnect with previous clients. Send well wishes for the year ahead, and ask them if they might need some writing this year.

  1. This Year, Write [Insert Here]

Every writer has something they would like to write (or achieve), but have been postponing for a while. It might be a blog post, an article, a topic, a book, or a genre you would like to explore.

It’s that one thing you’re always too busy to write, but would love to see out there.

Make this year the time to start work on this writing piece, no matter what it might be.

  1. Writing Records Review

The end of one year and the beginning of the next is a good time to sift through your old writing samples, articles, and pitches.

Published articles (depending on rights) can be sold to other markets. Pitches and writing samples can be turned into entirely new pieces.

Rejected articles can become a treasure trove of articles to rewrite and adapt. Have you been keeping yours? If not, make this the year to start.

  1. A Course In Writing

Even the most seasoned business writers can find a course topic they can benefit and learn from. It’s a good year to approach distance learning, and there are hundreds of appropriate courses available online.

If you traditionally write press releases, take a course in fiction. If you’re used to writing blogs and corporate content, learn a trick or two about forensic linguism.

A course in writing can do a lot to improve your general writing style and aptitude this year.

  1. The Daily Pitch

Writers should be encouraged to send at least one productive message (or pitch) every day of their lives.

Even if you manage to do nothing else within a very chaotic day, sending a single pitch to the right client can be beneficial to your writing business.

That’s 30 to 31 pitches per month, and usually 150 to 350 per pitch.

That’s also good business for any business writer.

  1. Speeding Up The Outline

How fast can you outline the paragraphs or headers for a feature article or press release?

Open up a stopwatch using your smartphone and time yourself. Choose a random topic, or an active job for this exercise.

Outline, and outline as fast as you can.

Learn to outline faster.

In the long run, especially as a business writer, this exercise saves a lot of time eventually. It’s a good skill to have – and it can boost productivity overall.

  1. Client Diversity

A client list should be diverse. If yours isn’t as diverse as it could be, combine this with one of the first tips on this list and seek out clients (but in different directions than your usual niche).

Sticking to the same niche or topic can hold you back, especially as a business writer in the writing business.

The best thing you can do this year is to branch out. Branch out your niche, embrace new clients or topics, and you’ll see that you grow as a writer.

  1. Improving Your Typing Speed

Speed pitching is a time-saver for writers. There’s another skill that every business writer could use, improve, or develop this year. That’s their typing speed.

Measure yours.

How fast can you type an existing page?

Work on improving your speed at least once every week. Eventually, it pays off.

  1. Go Out Of Water

Every writer has their comfort zone, and an opposite.

As a business writer, what would you call yours? Some people hate doing interviews, while others will postpone articles on the topic of seafood until the last minute.

Here’s a challenge for the year. Break out of your comfort zone, and explore one of the writing goals that frightens you, scares you, or intimidates you.

Make this the year to go out of water.

  1. Interview A Mentor

Business writers have mentors and role models, just like everyone else. People they look up to, people they read often, and people they would go absolutely giddy over if they had a chance to speak to them for a couple of minutes.

The internet has made communication easier. Why not use the opportunity?

Make this the year to interview a mentor for five minutes of their time. Whether you publish the results or not, you get to ask them something – and it can be something that you learn from.

What are your top business writing goals for the year?

The Last Word

I hope these resolutions for business writers help you with your writing.

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 By Alex J. Coyne. Alex is a writer, proofreader, and regular card player. His features about cards, bridge, and card playing have appeared in Great Bridge Links, Gifts for Card Players, Bridge Canada Magazine, and Caribbean Compass. Get in touch at alexcoyneofficial.com.

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Posted on: 11th January 2021