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We love this print for writers. You can buy it at thedreamygiraffe on Etsy.

Kathy R. Jeffords, the creator of this print, says:

“I created this writing-themed print with actually two purposes in mind.

The first and most obvious is, of course, to remind you, Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ms Writer, that that novel/essay/short story/blog post/dissertation/article/poem isn’t going to put itself on that paper. It’s up to YOU.

The second is, well, I feel like words don’t get the respect they deserve. Our current culture tends to take lyrics, quotes from books and movies, lines of poetry and uses them however they want to…lots of times even for profit…and often without even giving credit. I wonder how often people who do that actually take the time to pause and think…those lyrics…that poem….came out of someone’s heart. Were someone’s creation. Belong to someone.

That they didn’t write themselves.

So I guess you could say this print was created [because] part out of me wanted to motivate writers…and part of me [is] on my soapbox taking a stance against copyright infringement.”

Novels Do Not Write Themselves by thedreamygiraffe

Original Words And Design © 2013, Kathy R. Jeffords. Copyright not transferable with sale. Please do not re-post elsewhere without credit. They did not write themselves. 🙂

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Posted on: 11th January 2014