Writing Effective Web Copy

Writing Effective Web Copy

In this post, we share tips for writing effective web copy.

Google reported that Facebook hit a trillion page views this month. Writing for the Internet is the key to your company’s online success.

Writing Effective Web Copy

The trick to writing effective web copy is to ensure that your readers know exactly what your website, and every webpage, will do for them.

How do you do this?

  1. Clearly state your objective with one subject per page.
  2. Stick to one idea per paragraph.
  3. You should have no more than three ideas on a page.
  4. Make sure you say what you need to say in as few words as possible.
You should take this seriously. A trillion users are. Have a look at the most visited pages on the Internet.

Web Copy vs Print Media

Writing for the web is different to writing for print media. Your job as a writer is to ensure that web users have less to read without compromising the quality of your content. The only way to do this is to put more time into your writing.

  1. When you write for a paper publication you have a captive audience. Mostly, these readers have invested in your words. They have paid for the paper and ink. They take you more seriously. They will take more time to read what you say.
  2. Web readers are fickle. Only 14% of your readers will actually read an electronic newsletter they’ve subscribed to. Less than 5% will read the entire thing. Imagine what you’re up against on the Internet. You need to provide useful information. Web users want facts presented in a clear, accessible format.

There are simple ways to increase credibility, increase readability, and format for effect.

Nine Formatting Secrets For The Web

  1. Be consistent.
  2. Use short lines.
  3. Use headings.
  4. Don’t overuse italics and emphasis font options.
  5. Never use all capital letters.
  6. Don’t use too much colour.
  7. Don’t use complicated backgrounds.
  8. Don’t use unnecessary images.
  9. Use one image per web page.

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 by Amanda Patterson

Posted on: 24th August 2011