writing desks of 7 famous authors

The Writing Desks Of 7 Famous Authors

Writers Write is a writing resource. In this post, we share images of the writing desks of 7 famous authors.

Every writer has to write somewhere. Read this post to see where some of the most famous authors in the world wrote.

Charles Dickens’s desk 

Read more about Charles Dickens, born 7 February 1812, died 9 June 1870.

Herman Hesse’s desk

Read more about Hermann Hesse, born 2 July 1877, died 9 August 1962.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s desk

Read more about JRR Tolkien, born 3 January 1892, died 2 September 1973.

Mark Twain’s desk  

Learn more about Mark Twain, born 30 November 1835, died 21 April 1910.  

Jane Austen’s writing table

Read bout Jane Austen, born 16 December 1775, died 18 July 1817. 

Leo Tolstoy’s desk

Red more about  Leo Tolstoy, born 9 September 1828, died 20 November 1910.

C.S. Lewis’s desk

Find out more about C.S. Lewis, born 29 November 1898, died 22 November 1963.

 by Amanda Patterson

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