Words That Ruin Pacing

Words That Ruin Pacing

Use this post on words that ruin pacing to help you when you write.

Words That Ruin Pacing

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If you want to keep a good pace in your writing, avoid using these words. They add nothing to the flow of the story and distract us from the action taking place.

Avoid these words when you write:

  1. all at once
  2. began to
  3. eventually
  4. immediately
  5. just then
  6. might
  7. often
  8. proceeded to
  9. started to
  10. suddenly
  11. then

Don’t say:
Sarah immediately began to think about leaving Tom.
Do say:
Sarah thought about leaving Tom.

Don’t say:
Just then Jabu started to call his doctor.
Do say:
Jabu called his doctor.

Don’t say:
The children suddenly proceeded to eat the sweets.
Do say:
The children ate the sweets.

If you avoid these words that ruin pacing, your writing will be more engaging.

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Posted on: 18th May 2013

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