3 Tips For Making Throwback Thursday Work For You

3 Tips For Making #ThrowbackThursday Work For You

Writers Write is a comprehensive writing resource. In this post, we talk about making #ThrowbackThursday work for you.

Thursdays are interesting. Not only because they give hope that the end of the week is in sight, but because I get to stare at people who willingly posts pics of themselves with big hairspray hair and leg warmers. Yes, Throwback Thursday is a highly anticipated event.

But how can I embrace this trend for my business?

Posting a pic of your CEO with the aforementioned leg warmers might not get the response that you are looking for, although it might help to remind us that the powerful boardroom samurai is a person too. (Which we can argue is the point of building relationships on social media.) But, I digress…

Think about what your business has to offer. It has been around for years. You have a ton of experience between yourself and your employees. You have hundreds of magazine articles and lots of data. Social Media is about sharing that knowledge.

Three Tips for Making #ThrowbackThursday Work for You

  1. Trends. If you are writing a post predicting a trend, go back and look at previous articles about similar trends. Use the old information by comparing it to the new.
  2. Data. If you release data on a monthly basis, look at the same month last year and the same month three years before that. Compare and re-interpret.
  3. Predictions. When you analyse data or release new figures go back into your archives and find similarities to help you predict trends. Comment on old predictions.

Capturing human capital is one of the greatest challenges. Share tips that seem obvious to you. They could be invaluable to a new employee or a young person starting out in their career.

3 Tips For Making Throwback Thursday Work For You

#ThrowbackThursday can be a wonderful tool to reflect on years gone by, and it can be a showcase for your experience. You already have the content. Rework it into a web-friendly format. Don’t just upload everything verbatim. Some of it is old and out-dated. Like hairspray and leg warmers.

I am probably going to get lynched by the hard-core Throwback Thursday enthusiasts for suggesting this, but I am willing to take the risk. I might even start brainstorming ideas of how to use ‘Saturday is #Caturday’ for your business. Yes, it does exist.

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 by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 4th September 2014