The Top 7 iPad And iPhone Apps For Booklovers

9 August is Book Lovers Day, an unofficial holiday that encourages people to pick up a book and spend the day reading.

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If you have a passion for both reading and gadgets, you should use your iPhone or iPad to their fullest ability to read ebooks and news. Having a mobile gadget allows you all the benefits of reading whether you are in a train, on a plane, standing in a line for a cup of coffee, or waiting for a client.

Here are seven iPhone and iPad apps for all gadget users who cannot imagine their lives without reading. The applications are easy to install and they are completely user-friendly.


This application allows you to read a free sample of a book in Apple’s iBookstore prior to buying it. The iBooks can synchronize all your notes, bookmarks and present page wirelessly among Apple devices. Please keep in mind that it is the only reader tool offering a built-in bookstore on Apple gadgets. According to numerous reviews, the iBooks application is easier to employ than any Kindle application for iPhone.


This application allows Amazon Kindle periodicals and books gain access. This app allows you to share passages and quotes of your favorite books on both Twitter and Facebook as you read. Without leaving the Kindle you can look up unknown words on Wikipedia, Yahoo or Google if you urgently need the right word definition.


The app allows reading PDF and ePub books from considerable part of booksellers. With Bluefire you can transfer your beloved books from the Apple device to your computer and vice versa. One of the prominent advantages of this application is that it allows reading even library books related to Adobe DRM. You can work with this application the way you usually would with swipes and taps. The Bluefire reading tool has numerous controls to adapt your reading experience.

Marvel Comics Reader

In this reading app every panel is displayed by itself. You can zoom in with a double click. A finger swipe moves on to the following board. The Marvel Comics Reader reveals more various options that will make your reading a real pleasure.


Among the most remarkable features of this supplication there are plot summaries and e-book search. The Leatherbound introduces the ability to distribute information viewed within the application by email. There is another amazing feature with the help of which a reader can find the cheapest place to purchase an electronic book.


This app allows checking out a particular magazine issue free. You can also subscribe and install it to your smartphone. The Zinio adjusts all pages automatically for either landscape or picture view. The Zinio also knows where you stopped if you leave the application.


The NOOK gives access to various books and periodicals. There is a LendMe feature with the help of which a reader can lend some e-book titles to a friend for two weeks. There is also an integrated Merriam-Webster dictionary. NOOK has an additional feature that may be of the uppermost importance for both students and scholars – the pagination is just the same as in the original book.

By Hilda Simpson, freelance writer

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