The Top 10 Writing Posts for May 2014

These were the Writers Write posts you enjoyed most in May 2014.

  1. Which one of these is your favourite writing position? – How do you sit when you write?
  2. 10 (Amazingly Simple) Tips to Get You Back on The Writing Track – Help for writer’s slump
  3. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About JK Rowling – JK Rowling on Harry Potter Day
  4. Writing Tip – Plotting a Series – How to start writing a series
  5. Writing About Characters With Phobias – Does your character have a phobia?
  6. 10 Things Successful Authors Do – Habits of successful writers
  7. Confessions of a Serial Killer- How to kill characters when you write – Tips for killing characters
  8. Writing in Plain Language – How to remove meaninglessphrases – Simplify your writing
  9. Using Myths for Writing Prompts – An unusual source for writing prompts
  10. The Subplot – Not Second Place, but Side by Side – The subplot is what rounds out a novel or screenplay

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Posted on: 7th June 2014