The Top 10 Writing Posts for December 2014

These were the new Writers Write posts you enjoyed most in December 2014.

  1. Five Incredibly Simple Ways to Help Writers Show and Not Tell – Learn how to show, not tell
  2. The 12 Question Fiction Writing Conflict Test – Do you have enough conflict in your novel?
  3. Be Realistic About Your Writing Resolutions – The top five tips for 2015
  4. Three things every writer needs to stay in the game – What every writer needs
  5. Character Development Checklist – 13 things to think about when you create characters
  6. The 23 Best Bookish Gifts – 2014 – Literary gifts for readers and writers
  7. 12-Steps to Self-Editing – Your stress-free guide to preparing a manuscript
  8. How to outline a short story – Short story help for beginners
  9. How To Use The 5 Senses To Show And Not Tell – Making descriptions come alive
  10. Six Lessons We’ve Learnt From Jane Austen – On love, life and writing

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Posted on: 5th January 2015