The Makings Of A Great Business Story

The Makings Of A Great Business Story

Once we understand the power of stories and accept the need for them in our businesses, we need to learn how to tell them. Use this post to work out the makings of a great business story.

The best business stories are the ones we can relate to. If you want to get an audience’s attention, use these tried and tested fiction storytelling techniques.

It is vital to focus on specific events with sensory details. Do not write about abstract concepts. Do not generalise.

You should include:

  1. People who act to achieve goals – passive characters are boring.
  2. Insight into what they are thinking and feeling – their doubts, hopes, fears.
  3. How the character evolves or changes.
  4. A well-constructed beginning – something causes change.
  5. An entertaining middle – how the character acts to achieve a goal.
  6. A satisfying ending – does the character fail or succeed?

The Makings Of A Great Business Story

Use this outline to help you write your story:

The Makings Of A Great Business Story

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 1st September 2015