Book Review – The Killing

by David Hewson (Macmillan) ISBN: 9781447213956

This is the re-telling, by novelist, David Hewson, of the award winning Danish crime drama originally created by Soren Sverstrup.

A girl is found raped and murdered on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Detective Sarah Lund cancels her move to Sweden to take charge of the case, with Jan Meyer, the man who is supposed to replace her.

The book does well as a stand-alone story without having watched the TV series. The fast pace and riveting plot kept my attention throughout. The author did well in keeping the pages filled with action. It did not disappoint.

The one let down was the font and presentation of the book. The novel is already lengthy (exceeding four hundred pages) and the font seemed smaller than usual. It felt as if the words were squished onto the pages. This had a negative impact on the reading experience.

Otherwise a good read. The author stayed true to the genre and fulfilled the basic expectations of a crime novel.

Michele van Eck

Posted on: 29th September 2012