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25 Email Etiquette Tips

25 Email Etiquette Tips

Email etiquette is important because it is our primary method of communication. Here are 25 email etiquette tips to make your life easier.

All You Need To Know About Reflexive Pronouns

Nouns are words that name a person, an object, or an idea. Pronouns are substitutes for nouns to avoid repetition in a sentence. We have four types of pronouns: Personal pronouns indicate a person or group. Examples: he, she, they Possessive pronouns indicate ownership. Examples: his, hers, theirs Relative…
Why 'Best' Is The Worst Way To End Your Email

Why ‘Best’ Is The Worst Way To End Your Email

If you want to annoy me, sign off your email with 'best'. When it happens, I am tempted to respond and ask 'best what?' Why have you chosen to add a random adjective that means nothing on a line by itself? The more you think…