socially speaking

Socially Speaking

In this post, we look at all things socially speaking, including why social media matters and how to make the most of it.

Socially Speaking

6 Reasons Social Media Matters To Your Company

  1. Traditional Media is the fastest declining industry in the world.
  2. Social Media is the new word of mouth. Word of mouth is the most powerful sales tool.
  3. You can’t ignore the numbers. There are 900million people on Facebook, 400million on Twitter, 170million on Google+, 150million on LinkedIn, 120million on Tumblr and 18million on Pinterest. 4billion views are recorded on YouTube every day.
  4. Educated people, who are computer literate, who have good incomes use social media.
  5. Social Media is the new PR. It is not an advertising platform. It is pure public relations.
  6. It’s free.

Keep in mind that social media is the new PR. You cannot use it as an advertising platform. It is not the place for a sales pitch. You need to use social media to drive customers to your blog or website. 

How do you do this?

7 Ways To Make The Most Of Social Media

  1. Find a ‘constant gardener‘ to become the face of your social media campaign.
  2. Charm your audience.
  3. Work it. Remember you need to put in your 10 000 hours before you’re an expert at anything.
  4. Never ask your client to buy your product. Invite. Persuade. Hard sell does not work here.
  5. Become partners with your client.
  6. Treat your client as you would treat a friend you respect and admire.
  7. Identify which social media platforms suit your business. All companies must be present on Facebook and Google+. Facebook because of numbers. Google+ because of search. Find somebody to help you with this.

5 Ways To Engage With Customers

  1. Content wins. Employ skilled writers who understand what to write for the different platforms.
  2. Answer every query on every social media platform. Follow up. Show you care.
  3. Give your customers something for free – information, products, entertaining articles.
  4. Run competitions.
  5. Always use a picture with a post.

5 Reasons Companies Don’t Understand Social Media

  1. They can’t measure social media – yet.
  2. They are frightened of change.
  3. Most of the people in charge don’t know what social media is.
  4. They think Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the same as social media. They don’t realise that Google negated SEO with Google+.
  5. They have employed advertising companies to handle their social media needs. Most of these ‘gurus’ have had no training and do not understand social media. Social Media is not a vehicle for traditional advertising. It is the new word of mouth.

How can a company fix this?

  1. Approach people who have conquered social media for help. (Look at klout scores.)
  2. Avoid SEO experts when talking about social media.
  3. Educate directors about social media. Educate everyone else about social media.
  4. Run workshops on this new resource.
  5. Appoint someone with charm and the necessary skills to oversee your social media programme.

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 by Amanda Patterson

Posted on: 3rd July 2012