Literary Birthday – 9 April – Margaret Peterson Haddix

Happy Birthday, Margaret Peterson Haddix, born 9 April 1964.

Nine Quotes

  1. I am not just what I remember. I am also what I dream.
  2. I love making up stories and playing around with words and imagining interesting people in interesting situations.
  3. Sometimes I can spend as long revising a manuscript as I spent writing it in the first place.
  4. I loved to read when I was a kid, and as soon as I realised that an actual person got to make up the books I loved so much, I decided that that was the job for me.
  5. Read a lot. Write a lot. Think a lot.
  6. Even the most independent people sometimes needed help. And if I’d learned nothing else from my life thus far, it was that you don’t always end up where you think you’re going.
  7. I like the fact that kids are willing to be imaginative and go along with me when I’m telling strange tales.
  8. Eventually the bad stuff I’m writing turns into better stuff. Other times, I’ve just walked away from what I was working on, and figured I’d have a better perspective when I came back to it.
  9. There is nothing more valuable than the printed word.

Margaret Peterson Haddix is an American writer. She is known best for the two children’s series, Shadow Children (which began with Among the Hidden) and The Missing.

Source for image: author’s website

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 9th April 2017