Christopher Wood

Literary Birthday – 5 November – Christopher Wood

Christopher Wood was born 5 November 1935 and died 9 May 2015.

Six Quotes

  1. Never lose faith in yourself. Never quit. Really enjoy what you are doing – it is the only reward you are guaranteed.
  2. Everyone was mad only some of them didn’t know it.
  3. An Oxford man walks down the street and thinks that he owns it, a Cambridge man walks down the street and doesn’t give a toss who owns it.
  4. I re-read several Fleming Bond’s in order to try and replicate the style. I wanted to do the man justice. I was writing a book not a film script. I hope it is more character-driven than the movie – which is obviously dominated by Bondian technical wizardry.
  5. It was always the same in my experience, the greatest libertines make the most suspicious fathers.
  6. One of the keys of writing a Bond-movie, is to do the same thing, just differently.

Christopher Wood was an English screenwriter and novelist. He is best known for the Confessions series of novels and films, which began with Confessions of a Window Cleaner, which he wrote as ‘Timothy Lea’. He adapted two James Bond novels for the screen using his own name: The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 5th November 2014